I was born in 1971 in Madrid, where I got a degree in Fine Arts (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

I began working as a graphic designer right after school, and what once was a temporary activity, became a 20-year professional career.

I came into the design world in the late 90s, when the arrival of the internet opened even greater possibilities for creative expression. Even though that initial fascination vanished in a few years, I remained a professional designer to procure the essential and allow me to carry on with my personal artistic work, which was focused on painting at first. 

After a few years working on large-format canvases, around 2014 I got into digital creations, what It felt just like my natural environment after so many years using computers as my tool for composition and creation applied to design. Also, not having enough space to store all my pictorial production and having the chance to do so in hard disks did help for that change.

For three years (2014 – 2017), my artistic production was mainly digital. Since 2018 I began to feel the need to experience again with the rhythm and development of manual creative processes, and I started to work on paper especially: drawings, paintings, collage, and small-scale sculptures. 


As an artist, I sense creation as a marvelous process which I constantly feed upon. I depend on it in my endless search for paths towards beauty and emotion. I feel my work very much linked to music and the compositions process, mainly to the intuitive and purely emotional aspect of it: the unexpected melodic line which, out of the blue, fills everything with sense and surprise, sometimes arising from behind arduous roads, others just floating magically gentle, as if it always were there, lingering for the encounter.


Solo Exhibitions:

2022 – Solo Exhibition in Sala de Máquinas (Madrid)

2021 – Solo Exhibition in Estudio Dodark (Madrid)

2018 – Solo Exhibition in El Inventario de Abestudio (Madrid)

2017 – Solo Exhibition in White Lab (Madrid)

2011 – Solo Exhibition in Centro Cultural Juan Carlos I (Fuenlabrada, Madrid)

2010 – Solo Exhibition in Galería Espacio Zambucho (Madrid)

Group Exhibitions:

2021 – Group Exhibition in UPSPACE (Berlin)

2020 – Group Exhibition in ACEC, Apeldoorn (Holland) with the artists collective MU (Richard Caldicott, Luuk de Haan, Pieter Bijwaard and Jesús Perea)

2019 – Group Exhibition in David Bloch Gallery (Marrakech)

2018 – Group Exhibition in Schless Art Gallery (Bergen, Netherlands)

2017 – Group Exhibition in Abartium Galeria D’Art (Barcelona)

2017 – Group Exhibition in Galerie-t (Dusseldorf)

Art fairs:

2019 – FIG Bilbao, with Brita Prinz Gallery

2019 – Bauhaus Sevilla Art Fair.

2018 – London Affordable Art Fair, with Brita Prinz Gallery .

2017 – Hamburg Affordable Art Fair, with Brita Prinz Gallery8